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Cusco Inkas Feat, invites you to discover one of the most important cultures in the world! 

Cusco is a city where the road starts when the sun rises, the cold weather contrasts with the warmth of the people, the colors decorate looms and mountains. The sacred past hides beneath the earth and mysticism increases with the rapid beat of your heart where you will travel ancient paths marked by their history. A journey full of unique experiences because Peru and Cusco is full of them and each one makes their destinations more than incredible.



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Quality Tours, Real & Unique Experiences

A well-established quality Tour Operator with nearly two decades of experience and expertise in the tourism industry, organizing a huge variety of Tours in Cusco and Peru, Adventures trips, Treks, Amazon Jungle Trips and Packages in Peru, extension tours to Colca canyon in Arequipa, the floating islands in the lake Titicaca in Puno or flying over the enigmatic Nazca Lines, Ballestas islands or Paracas reserve.

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