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Tambopata 05 Days / 04 Nights



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¿How was the Tambopata National Reserve created?

Beginning in 1990, several biologists and conservationists began lobbying to protect the Tambopata area from development. They were passionate about the preservation of this area, because it was (and is) one of the last remaining and most extensive areas of the pristine jungle. Specifically, Tambopata is one of the few areas that contains lowland and foothill jungles, but also connects with cloud forests at higher elevations and wet savannas. Furthermore, very few people lived in the more remote areas of Tambopata. Conservationists realized that the region could act as an important corridor between Manu National Park and the jungles of Bolivia. The area also harbored healthy populations of tapirs, jaguars and other felines, giant otters, harpy eagles, many types of macaws and other animals that had disappeared from other parts of the Amazon.

At the beginning, the area that includes the current Tambopata National Reserve and the nearby Bahuaja Sonene National Park was known as the “Tambopata-Candamo Reserved Zone”, as a previous form of protection. While the “reserved zone” status provided some protection to the area, it left the window open for changes in land use, so the area was still at risk. To help give the area a more permanent state of protection, conservation organizations carried out more studies, which showed that the protection of the region was of vital importance to biodiversity and could work with local cultures. Those studies helped to build a solid case to change the status of Tambopata from “reserved zone” to “national reserve”, a more official and permanent protection. The Tambopata National Reserve was born!

Day 1

Day 01: Puerto Maldonado Town – Monte Amazónico Lodge – Monkey Island – Night Activity (Alligators)

Reception at the airport or bus stationand transfer to our office in the town of Puerto Maldonado, for relevant information about the tour in the jungle.

Then we transfer you to the port of the Madre de Dios River where we will get the boat and a trip of an hour  to reach our lodge, where a welcome meeting a refreshing fruit juice of our región will be waiting for all our group and then installation in our respective rooms.

After a short rest you will have a hikking into the jungle for about two hours in the dense tropical forest and guided by an expert local guide to observe medicinal plants and trees like the Lupuna that reaches up to 70 meters in height and its trunk can reach more than 3 meters in diameter, with tabular roots.
At present, its wood is used mainly to make furniture, although the inhabitants of the zones where this tree is found have been using them for many decades to build canoes and rafts.
Its seeds, leaves and resin are used as medicinal herbs to cure, among, fever, asthma, diarrhea, dysentery or kidney problems. Even in some places like Brazil, the bark infusion is used to treat cancer and inflammation. Due to its size and presence it occupies a very important position in the ecosystem of the Amazon rainforest.

If you have any luck you will witness some mammals, and when returning a spectacular sunset view, unique in the jungle.

likewise you may observe some species of wild animals such as toucans, orioles, parrots, monkeys, snakes, butterflies, etc.

You will have the opportunity to experience the magic of our Amazon Rainforest within Tambopata National Reserve protected under Peruvian laws (278.000 thousand hectares)

After lunch, we will visit the “Monkey´s island”, located i front of our lodge across the madre de Dios River, at this place there are differents species of monkeys such as Brown Capuchin, squirrel monkey, saddle back Tamarin and white Capuchin, all of them in the island, after activity we will return to the lodge.

In the night we go to do a nocturnal activity in search of black and white caimans following the river edge, at this time we will need to bring a headlight, likewise with a bit of luck we may see the capibara, the world´s largest rodent that can weight 60 kilos impresive family of our peruvian cuy (Guinea Pig); back to the lodge, dinner and night at the lodge.

Day 2

Day 02: Sandoval lake (Giant Otters) – Night Walk (Giant Spiders, amphibians, insects…)

After early breakfast will do a short boat ride to the entrance of the Lake Sandoval, after checking at the check point we will walk 3 kilometers to the lake Sandoval (Piranha habitat) one of the largest in the Tambopata Reserve, after the nice walking the guide will get a rowing boat where we will have our navigation on the lake to appreciate many species of birds and monkeys species (Hoatzin Cormorant Jacanas, herons, eagles, howlers monkey, squirrel monkey, black capuchin monkey, tamarins and sloths), likewise we will meet small families of Otters (almost two meters long) animals in danger of extinction, return to the lodge to enjoy our lunch.

After lunch we give you some free time to enjoy our cozy lodge (opcional) like having a swim in our pool or doing some other activity around our lodge.

In the evening we will do a night walk where we can appreciate the diversity of insects, amphibians, reptiles, giants spiders and  tarantulas, butterflies, luminous and phosphorescent plants, among others, dinner and rest.

Day 3

Day 03: Canopy Walk-Way – Zipline Activity – Kayaking Activity.

Very early morning we do the canopy walk-way and this will le tus to see the rainforest from a differents perspective, at about 30 meters high, the bridge will allows us to appreciate nature from a high altitude, we will have a panoramic view of the Madre De Dios River, likewise from our platforms you can observe differents species of birds such us toucans, macaws, tanagers, orioles, among others, this will be a wonderful experience.

After breakfast we prepare for an activity full of adrenaline on the tres more than 30 meters high. We will do the zip-line, for this activity will have an instructor guide, who will give atalk about how to use the safety harness during the zip-line activity, feeling the rush of gliding through the tres, the experience will be forever with you, there is two cables than support more than 3 tons, and then we back to the lodge.

Lunch and rest, in the afternoon the challenge is to cross the Madre de Dios river kayaking, on the way we can appreciate the fascinating sunset.

(Optional fishing activity, but depending on the weather and the time of the excursion)

Day 4

 Day 04: “La Cachuela” Parakeets Clay Lick – Visit to a local Native Family.

Early in the morning we will take our boat to visit the parakeets clay lick, a Wall of clay on one side of the Madre de Dios river, where differents species come down to the wall to eat this special and essential clay needed for the metabolism, there we can observe more than five species of parrots such as blue headed parrot, dusky headed parakeets, mealy parrot and the elusive blue headed macaws, other macaw like the chestnut fronted can be observed too.

Return the lodge and a bit late breakfast. After lunch we visit a native family who make us partakers of their daily activities, learning their customs traditions than have been maintained over time. Dinner and rest.

Day 5

 Day 05: Back to Puerto Maldonado

After our breakfast we will take a boat to the city of Puerto Maldonado.



  • Pick up from the Airport or Bus Station in Cusco or Puerto Maldonado
  • A professional naturalist tour guide in Amazon
  • Motorboat transportation
  • Meals: 4 Breakfast, 4 Lunch, 4 Dinner
  • Accommodation: 4 Nights in jungle lodge
  • First aid kit
  • Rubber boots
  • Entrance fee to Tambopata Park.

No include:

  • Bus ticket round trip to Puerto Maldonado (Adittional service $ 40.00 USD)
  • Vaccination
  • Breakfast on the first day and Lunch last day
  • Drinks
  • Tips to local staff

What to take with you:

  • Mosquito repellent (DEET 25 recommended as a MINIMUM!!)
  • Original passport
  • Small backpack
  • Long sleeved cotton shirts (preferably green coloured)
  • Long cotton trousers
  • Cotton long socks (to be put into your trousers)
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Sandals or light shoes
  • Rain gear (e.g. rain poncho)
  • Sweater (for the beginning of the tour in Andes and the cloud forest only)
  • Swimsuit
  • Binoculars (we also rent it)
  • Camera and its charger
  • Plastic bags to be used for clothes and a camera
  • A hat as a protection against the Sun or rain
  • Toiletries
  • Small towel
  • Toilet paper
  • Antibacterial gel
  • Sun cream, Hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Flashlight (with spare bulb and batteries)
  • A bottled water (1 litre as a minimum)
  • Pocket money (Soles) to buy some beverages and souvenirs as well as to tip



Offer price 01 person!! $ 380.00 USD Group Service¡



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